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Re: Google and Tor.

Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 11:31 AM, Matthew <pumpkin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> People are running automated datamining queries _via tor_ in order to
>>> gain control of more IPs and avoid being blocked.

> I think it would be nice if captchas and blocking weren't the only
> anti-DOS/anti-abuse mechanisms used on the web today, but this is the
> world we live in.

While I usually use scroogle or ixquick, on occasion I do a google
query.  Sometimes it works, frequently it is blocked.  When they give me
a captcha, I've learned to just give up right then (or maybe try with a
new exit node).  I have never had a successful result with a Google
captcha ... it just keeps giving me new ones.  So while your explanation
for blocking makes sense, it doesn't explain why they don't fix their
capthca.  (Maybe it's tied to cookies, but I'm not going to allow google
cookies for that one instance only to disable them again.)

I realize there is nothing anybody on this list can do (unless a Google
employee subscribes to the list).  I'm just venting ...


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