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[tor-talk] carml: tasty treats from your Tor

I've got a first super-alpha release of this thing that's been sitting
around for a while. Turns out "sanitize a bit" turns into "refactor some
things" and so forth...

Anyway, carml does various command-line things with Tor and I thought it
might be useful to others (plays nicely with grep, pipes, etc).

I would really love feedback on whether the "downloadbundle" command is
doing the right thing with certificate-checks.


You can "pip install carml" to try it out. Recommend doing this in a

   virtualenv trycarml
   ./trycarml/bin/pip install carml
   ./trycarml/bin/carml help

To check signatures first, instead download the WHL file and associated
signature from PyPI, gpg --verify it and then replace "install carml"
with "install path/to/.whl" above.

Some other things to try:

   carml downloadbundle --extract --system-keyring
   echo "hello darkweb" | carml pastebin

wait for a new consensus to be published, dump it and exit:

   carml events --once NEWCONSENSUS

Currently, the defaults work with a system Tor (i.e. localhost port
9051). Probably I'll change this to be TBB defaults. To connect to a Tor
Browser Bundle instance, do this:

   carml --connect tcp:localhost:9151 monitor

It is written using Twisted and txtorcon.


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