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Re: [tor-talk] Fingerprint Not Matching?

On 05/08/14 16:53, Evan Loftus wrote:
> Greetings!


> There's an old (leftover from initial testing/eval) fingerprint associated
> with my relay in Globe/Atlas. As a result it shows down, I don't get any of
> the data, etc.

Not sure what you mean by "don't get any of the data".  Atlas and Globe
should show you the known data from when your testing relay was last

> Can I somehow manually publish the new one, while keeping the same
> nickname? Or can someone on your side remove my entry so it can repopulate
> fully next time it checks in?

Your testing relay will be listed for 7 days after it was last seen as

But your current relay should be listed, too.  And it can use the same
nickname as the testing relay.

To make this discussion less abstract, can you post links, fingerprints,
or nicknames of your testing relay and your current relay?

> The blutmagie mirror reflects my relay's details correctly, just not Atlas
> or Globe.
> Any insight is definitely appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting this
> sorted out!

We should be able to figure this out.  Thanks for running a relay!

All the best,

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