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Re: [tor-talk] dutch police crawling hidden servers

On 08/05/2014 01:58 PM, Rejo Zenger wrote:
> How would they have done that? Of course, there are wiki's listing 
> hidden services, but they are most likely far from complete and I 
> wouldn't expect websites with hardcore child abuse to be "advertised" 
> there. So, what do you think this crawler did?

Unfortunately, the hardcore sites are/were advertised on one of the 20+
hidden wikis which exist at any time. The press and police only seem to
find these sites and assume everything is just this set. There are
seriously 20+ hidden wikis, each one claiming to be the
original/canonical wiki.

Given the resources of a national police force, it seems probable they
can create a crawler to simply crawl every permutation of hidden service
addresses on port 80 alone.

Of course, it's easier to crawl the 20+ hidden wikis and go from there.

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