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[tor-talk] units on https://metrics.torproject.org/bandwidth.html

I have a question on the exported data from metrics.torproject.org.

When downloading the "bandwidth" data as a CSV from:

I've been unable to determine the units of the exported CSV file.

For example, according to the graph the current total "advertised
bandwidth" is ~10,000 MiB/s.  However, the final line of the CSV has
11,065,082,057 for the "advertised bandwidth".  I've been unable to find a
plausible choice of units that maps 11,065,082,057 -> 10,000.

I tried some guesses for what the units on the 11,065,082,057 could be...
* "Kilobytes per day" yields too small a number---3,001.
* "Megabytes per day" yields too high a number---3,073,634.

I got nothing.  Help for what the units are?

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