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Re: [tor-talk] Help with Default Browser

> Hello Tor,
> Despite my check-marking 'Make Tor Browser the Default browser', wherever
> I click on a link from an email regular Firefox opens up.
> How do I make Tor Browser always be the default?
> thanks


if this about Linux or Windows?

If it is about Linux...

We're using Tor Browser as default browser in Whonix (based on Debian

It should be relatively simple for any developer like-minded person to
take the tb-default-browser package [1] and use it on plain Debian (or
other Linux distributions) to get the same functionality.

All that is missing is documentation, but I unfortunately cannot support
this use case outside of Whonix to due to time constraints at this time.

All the best,

[1] https://github.com/Whonix/tb-default-browser

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