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[tor-talk] Starting Obfsproxy (stand alone) under Mac?

Hello - I have downloaded the Tor browser bundle v. 3.6.3 for Mac
The Tor website says Obsfproxy is standard included in that bundle - which
I guess is  correct because obfs3 seems to work in TorBrowser

But I need to run Obfsproxy independently for use with OpenVPN.
On Windows this is easy, exact same bundle download but the one for
Windows, then I can run the obfsproxy.exe from the PluggableTransports
folder, with the necessary parameters, and works perfectly

 But I cannot seem to find an executable file called obfsproxy anywhere
inside the TorBrowser App package

I am following for example this guide â link
-  which says it should be inside the package folder Contents/MacOS but
it's not there.

How can I run Obfsproxy separately from the terminal on Mac OSX?


Gerard B.
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