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[tor-talk] Tor Security Issues???


I just downloaded tor and am trying to figure it out.


I noticed that all the links I see are 16keys long followed by .onion.

Couldn't someone(person/company/government/other) just generate every
16 digit combination possible then try to connect to them?

Is there another layer I haven't seen yet or is that the case?


I've been trying random 16key.onion sites.
Most of the time the browser does nothing. 
The browser has every now and then started loading then I get an unable to
connect page.
Does that mean I found a page/site?
Is there a layer of security getting in the way? Something else?

Could this be a security issue?

16Key.onion Generator+ Auto search program?


After trying and seeing how fast I found sites if that's what I found.
Is the level of security too low for any real security?

AES encryption has lots of possible keys?
You most likely wont have to try them all to find the one key???
.onion sites.....many sites???
Random search?
How many do you have to search to find an active one?


Is the .onion key limited to English keys+numbers?+symbols?

Would it be more secure to give the option of different site address lengths?
Also would it be more secure to require letters/symbols/other from(all)many different languages
in the address?

(Side note:) If anyone could provide me with an intro to Tor/onion I would appreciate it.
Securing my system/sites/and anything else I should need....Thanks

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