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Re: [tor-talk] Performance

On 8/13/2014 2:20 PM, Martin S wrote:
I've set up a Tor and Privoxy chain for our organisation, especially
for our courntry offices, of which some work in high risk countries.
After some brief tests I notice performance issues (it's somewhat slow
opening new pages). is there any suggestions for performance
improvements that is generally agreed on?

Others can chime in, but partly it depends on the exact reason for slowness.
Generally, Torbrowser is slower than vanilla Fx (but not always), due to the network.
I've noticed that varies greatly for day of the week & time of day.

The Privoxy part of the chain could be an issue. What is your reason for using Privoxy? In general, I find Tor to be faster overall, since overhauls in TorBrowser - when they stopped using Privoxy (& likely started other speed increasing methods).
Other network changes could be partly responsibility for increased speed.
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