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Re: [tor-talk] torbundlebrowser.org

On 14-08-13 12:28 PM, tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure if that has been discussed yet... the site torbundlebrowser.org
> is a almost perfect copy of the TOR webpage and has a TBB download which
> has malware in it. (down at the moment)
> http://dustri.org/b/torbundlebrowserorg.html

The "(sig)What's this?" isnt much help against that except to people who
already know to use it.
Could a caution be added to the site, something like:

It is safest to download TBB from TorProject.org or an official mirror,
but sometimes that isnt possible.  Regardless where you get it, we
advise verifying the signature to be sure your download is intact,
virus-free and really from Tor Project.

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