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[tor-talk] computing the Tor Metric's "advertised bandwidth" and "read bandwidth" from the archived Tor consensus

I've been parsing the historical collecTor consensus files using the Stem
library.  I want to be able to recreate the existing numbers before I delve
into new stuff, so I am attempting to recreate some datapoints from the
Metrics site.

The "router status entries", queried by:

has a "bandwidth" and "measured" entry.  But, it remains unclear to me how
to derive the "bandwidth history" on:
* https://metrics.torproject.org/bandwidth.html

I presume the "bandwidth claimed" in the RouterStatus descriptor is
synonymous with the "advertised bandwidth" on Metrics.  However, the
"measured" entry in the RouterStatus descriptor has been blank for every
file I tried.  Therefore it's unclear to me how to compute the "bandwidth
history" line on Metrics.

Any enlightenment here?
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