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Re: [tor-talk] Help test a new RBG

> We have placed MKRAND - A Digital Random Bit Generator, on GitHub, and it
> would be helpful to receive some feedback regarding its potential use in
> the TOR project.

What benefit would it give? What would it replace? This seems to me to
solve a problem that has already solved, but in an obfuscated way
filled with new age buzzwords.

"Syntropic Randomness is a co-creative act between Man, Machine, and
Universe." - exactly how high do you have to be to write such things?

> This RBG does not use mathematical methods, and thus does not suffer from
> wraparound issues or dependency on ALU architectures.

Has this ever been an issue? You mention dependency on ALU
architectures while still talking about clock cycles in your comments
- are these some kind of virtual clock cycles then?

> The RBG can be considered alpha-quality at this stage and is not ready for
> production use, however it is appropriate for research into new kinds of
> obfuscation protocols and key generation schemes.

what kind of obfuscation protocols?

Yeah, I think a paper is necessary here..
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