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Re: [tor-talk] TOR tried to take a snapshot of my screen

On 8/22/2014 5:16 PM, no.thing_to-hide@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

One of us downloaded a wrong Tor installer package ...

Best regards


Please expand on the possibilities beyond the face value statement.
That is, assuming the OP downloaded the Tor software from the legitimate TorProject site, using HTTPS.

Like, among other things, SSL was / is cracked & files manipulated - at least in some cases. That may not be the case here - at all, but I believe Snowdens' documents (strongly) indicated that SSL had indeed been cracked.
That's not exactly conspiracy theory, anymore.

And if that was the case, did most of the internet community promptly stuck their heads in the sand? (Just asking).
But I'm not asking about conspiracy theories w/ no documented evidence.

Or, this could be a hoax by the OP, or a simple mistake.
There could be other <possible> partial explanations, which may or may not have ever been discovered or discussed.
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