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Re: [tor-talk] Third-parties tracking me on Tor

On 08/25/2014 05:02 PM, TerryZ@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


> The only thing I'm sure wasn't compromised is what I encrypted myself using my PGP key. I altered the GPG source code to create longer keys. 

Just a quick comment on creating a longer key. I see a lot of people
doing that and I think it's absolutely useless. As of now, we do not
believe that anyone has the computing power to break a 4096 bit RSA key
by brute force. The only way would be through a side attack. If a side
attack worked against a 4096 bit key, it would likely also work against
a 8k key as well.

There's no real benefit to creating a larger than 'standard' key at this


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