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[tor-talk] So I Guess Tor Could Never Be Secure No Matter What


Tor is hardware right?

Going from your house to your service provide?

So all anyone needs to do and it seems the US is probably already doing it is
just collect all the traffic or all the traffic that can't be read going into
any service provider or hub or wherever.

And then decrypt it or just match the data encrypted or not as it goes anywhere.
LOL- all data is just data who cares if you can read it.
It's the same data being sent  001 goes all the way through as 001 right?
So isn't encrypted data easier to track since there isn't as much?

Here are a few thought on a hardware.  Graphics and some other random stuff.
Life Like Graphics

Any character model- with maybe few changes.

Can be done.

So first thing first what makes a character in a game movie/other not look

take xbox(original) quality game??

What was the pixel resolution that a character could support?

Not the poly's the skin???

A few steps back Nintendo 64?

Mario 64- why didn't he look real????

Current characters????

Random starting point.

Take an Hd Picture of a person.

Zoom into the pixel level.

Look at the pixel distribution.

Look a the colors that are in the pixels.

Compare the pixel distribution to that of any character.

Look and see if there are any straight lines in natural pictures vs

Look at the eyes. Are they white or tinted to the color of the iris?

took me 5-10 minutes to change eyes on a 512x512 .dds texture to make the
eyes look real.

NFL 15 from the news is taking pictures of players to make models.

Do the look perfectly real? If no why?

Examples are:



What is the difference between the nearly life like cg in movies vs games as
it apperars on your computer screen?

Both are pixels. Max res of your screen.


in the process of starting to put frames from a movie into autodesk and

make myself a skin for a model that will look like any high end cg from

a new movie.

If any game doesn't look right a point of 

possible increase would be to take a photo capture of the game and 

compare the pixels to what you want it to look like in a picture from 

life or other animated material and look at the pixels. They Are The 


Sp any game that doesn't look exact to life you 

have your way to make it that way and if you can't you have something 

that is already that way..


Anyone like portals??

They were able to take 2d pixels like any other game and make a hole in the
game to another place.


would think if it is only pixels and you can see depth in a 3d 

environment in a game you may be able to make anything on your screen 

look like your looking through a door/window.

Doorway in a game vs a doorway in front of you.

3d movies whole movie setting in front of the screen?

Background/actors all.

I'll add more when i do.


Think cos-play to a whole new level.

You want to be batman....

There's the costume, there's autodesk, there's the character skin file.

I AM Batman.----------



any of you make cg movies for fun. try doing a screen grab of the 

pixels or autodesking a character from a movie and see how close to a 

Pixar or other movie you can get that will render in real time on an 

xbox one.

 Any of you do photo editing.

I upped a res of a photo with image scaling it took some time....

Then I took the image back down to its original res.

The pixel quality was low.

Why that way????

I could zoom that higher res image out until it became a lower res image on my

I haven't down it but I assume I could just zoom the whole image or parts
down then do a screen capture keeping the high res quality in a lower res


There is a way to make faster Gpu's now that use less energy and produce
less heat.

Power usage/gflops mobile GPU vs desktop GPU

gtx 780m tdp 100

2528 gflops

GTX 780 250

3977 gflops

2x gtx 780m tdp 200

5056 gflops

3x gtx 780m tdp 300

7584 gflops

What would the tdp and how fast would a card be that has 4 mobile chips
instead of 2

desktop one?


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