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[tor-talk] Mapping SVN usernames to Git

Hello lovely humans,

[resending this email to the broader community, sorry if you got this
email twice. Also, thanks to those who helped with updating the pad :]

If your username is listed below, it means you've committed to
Torproject website for at least once, and I don't have your git name and
email on file. I need this info to nicely map your svn/git username to
keep track of old changes, when we move website to git.

May I ask you to take a moment and either update the pad or reply to
this email off-list, please?

I'm gonna wait till Tue and put "unknown author <unknown@author>" for
those remained unknown by then.



aleksei =
ampleyfly =
anonym =
benedikt =
bogdro =
bridgefish =
chiiph =
djhasis =
double =
edmanm =
fallon =
fredzupy =
hanru =
hiviah =
jan =
jon =
Jon =
kasimir =
keb =
koryk =
le =
mfr =
renner =
ruben =
saakan99 =
sn275 =
squires =
tyree731 =
unicorn =
Urz =
ygrek =
zed =

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