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Re: [tor-talk] TBB update using offline/ downloaded tarball?

Zenaan Harkness:
> Is there an upgrade process for TBB by e.g. unpacking the tarball over
> the existing installation directory, or does one have to use the
> in-browser upgrade-in-place option or install to a separate directory?
> Zenaan

If you follow the tor-qa list you can see the new version just before
it's released (and help test!). From there you can download the .mar
update file for the version you need to update. The locations change,
but the most recent was:


(I'm sure there's a standard repository somewhere ...)

From there you can download the necessary update, e.g.:


This will upgrade the Linux x64 version from 4.5.3 to 5.0. To apply:

  $ cd /path/to/tor-stuff
  $ rm -rf outside.old; mv outside outside.old; mkdir outside
  $ cp [.mar file] outside/update.mar
  $ cd [tor-browser directory]
  $ cp updater ../../outside
  $ ../../outside/updater ../../outside . . 

This is for Linux, and obviously based on my directory structure. This
should replicate the automatic update process. And a backup of the old
tor-browser directory probably wouldn't hurt.
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