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[tor-talk] Request: Firefox extension/addon checking tutorial

I have no idea how to do it. And I bet most of the readers of this list
don't know it either. Yet, they can be pretty useful in some cases or
downright dangerous in others. Take for example an adblocker. It can
fingerprint you, but it can save time, bandwidth, battery time. When you
have a short attention span like me, it can make a difference between
reading the article and hiting back to the search results.

Anybody care to make a peer-reviewed guide of how to check the
extensions for leaks, cheats and other dirty tricks?

This would be super useful, as would a list of favored extensions with known awesomeness/issues documented.

* = PostHighjack

*But an ad blocker is so useful that TB should come with one installed. There might be a way to make sites think they served the ads, but TB users never see them.

*And a way to visualize/customize your fingerprint before you go surfing would also be useful.


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