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[tor-talk] Helping to answer "What's the Catch?"


After watching C3's summer camp "What's the Catch?", I couldn't help but
think of at least one potential solution to help alleviate the
insecurity behind the questions about Tor and government/corporate
funding; with one of those questions being: "will you [the Tor project]
betray our [Tor users] trust?"

One possible solution that popped into my head:

Why not intentionally record every meeting session and instance of
correspondence between the Tor project and all persons/groups that the
Tor project takes funding from - and make them publicly available?  What
I mean is; all-out transparency: emails, chats, video-recorded in-person
meetings and basically as much as possible with whatever resources are

The concept of transparency (as a means to improve the overall
well-being of this kind of organization) seems within the parameters of
the Tor project's mission statement though the question of privacy and
protecting a funder's identity also comes into play but I think that is
easily resolved since someone can use Tor for correspondence to remain
anonymous while donating if they wish to do so.

Does this seem like a plausible solution?
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