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Re: [tor-talk] Tor browser won't become the standard one...

Pardon me if I missed some comments & I'm rehashing.
I'm not too familiar w/ how W10 has changed doing some things.

But, sounds like you have 2 (really separate) issues / needs:
1) setting * some * browser as default in Windows
2) setting which application will auto open specific types of files, if you double click a file, or R-click - then "Open" - from context menu.

In TBB (and Firefox), there's an about:config entry:
In TBB, it appears to be  - False, by default.
If false, it appears to prevent TBB / Firefox from asking at startup, if you want to make it your default browser.

When I toggled "browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser" to True, in TBB' next restart, it prompted me if I wanted to make it my default browser. I didn't take action, so don't know if it'd work (worth a try). There are other ways to do this (for firefox), if this method fails.

Regular Fx has a setting in Options>General, if you want to make it default browser. I don't see that setting in TBB 4.5.3 Options.

Setting which programs will handle specific type files: Windows (at least, *before* W10) - you set this in: Control Panel > Default Programs > then the link: "Associate a file type or protocol with a program."

Basically, once that link's clicked, you scroll the list of file types ( say, HTML). Then chose the program to always open it - IF... it exists in the list. Fairly straight forward, but you can use Windows Help or 100's of sites w/ instructions on how to do this, if you get stuck.

I imagine the reason when you create an HTML doc, it immediately gets a Chrome logo, is because in Control Panel > Default Programs > "Associate a file type or protocol with a program," - Chrome is set to open HTML files. You can try hilighting that file type, then use the Change Program button on that screen.

On 8/22/2015 4:11 AM, Wim Van Loock wrote:
I send this for the 2nd time because it said content type wasnât allowed (1 smiley I put in ?)

Like someone said  I made an html document and put it on the desktop.
It immediately gets a Chrome logo. When rightclicking it I get to choose opening
by Chrome or IE(not even Edge...OR another program but as I stated before
Tor isnât in the list of apps to open a webpage. And like I said it isnât even in the
list of âall appsâ, but works fine...

In the meantime, Tor keeps asking met to set it as default browser and I cant help

What I tried again also is rightclicking the firefox.exe to âopen withâ
but it isnât just there (anymore?)!!
I also tried this as administrator and for another exe file, same result.

Any suggestions anyone?
Thanks in advance!!

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