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Re: [tor-talk] What's to be Done

> > I'm curious if any one on the list is able to determine how many of the
> above issues have already been addressed by the OpenBSD project.
> I don't want to steer the thread away from the main topic but I think it is
> fair to say that OpenBSD has problems too. An article titled the insecurity
> of OpenBSD is a good read if you are interested.

I'm somewhat excited for new developments in the internet of things.
The development of a $9 computer means that while for a long time one
could achieve government grade cryptographic security, it isn't until
recently that you could achieve the duplication of computers to ensure
segregation and security (on a reasonable budget). The recent
malvertising attack stealing any files named "pass" or "passw*" shows
that security can only be done by doing things by hand.
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