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Re: [tor-talk] I am getting European nodes only?

force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Hello!
> Using the last release of Tor Browser, I am a bit surprised: Circuits are made ONLY with European nodes! I changed "identity" a few times, asked "New Tot circuit for this site", every time there are only European nodes!
> I cannot believe that Northern and Southern America, Asia, Russia, haven't any Tor node???
> Any suggestion to stop this and use other nodes than only European ones?
> (I didn't modify anything in the config)

The European nodes include some of the fastest nodes in the world, and
the probability of choosing a node in a path is related to how fast the
node is (you're more likely to use nodes that have more capacity than
nodes that have less capacity).

Depending on how you update, you might be using a new set of guard
nodes.  The guard nodes are chosen randomly when you first run Tor (or
a fresh copy that's not using the old configuration).  The guard nodes
affect which exit nodes your Tor client will choose because the guard
node can't also be used as an exit node.  So one possibility is that
if you have several fast European nodes as guard nodes, you'll tend to
choose other nodes as exits (relatively more likely outside of Europe),
while if you have several non-European nodes as guard nodes, you'll
tend to choose other nodes as exits (relatively more likely within
Europe, especially since that's where the fastest exits are).

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