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Re: [tor-talk] IBM says Block Tor

Or maybe they do realize.

We already know that the NSA/GCHQ do not appreciate Tor (per their own "Tor Stinks" report included within the Edward Snowden released content). A process which over time encourages the internet at large to reject Tor connections (plus makes ISPs generally unwilling to host exit nodes) seems that it would be in-line with the direction they would like to see Tor take. End result being - if a user cannot get to a particular site via Tor, perhaps the user drops down to regular internet for the visit, giving them what they want the easy way.

On Thu, 2015-08-27 at 08:08 +0200, CJ wrote:

> People using Tor for "bad things" just don't realize how they fuck up > the whole thing. Not even mentioning "weird contents", just the script
> kiddies running metasploit/other through Tor.

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