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Re: [tor-talk] 1PassWord Firefox extension

On 2015-08-28 13:55, Graham & Heather Harrison passed on what 1Password support wrote:

As with most proxy/firewall software that customers add to their computers to increase security, we can tell them to add an exception to the whitelist for localhost (, but in the case of Tor, I just don't know enough about the internals of how it goes about blocking things it deems potentially harmful to know whether adding an exception for would be considered voiding the protection offered by Tor. The Tor proxy itself is contained on, port 9051, so bypassing for localhost might inadvertently induce a whole host of other, non-1Password applications/utilities/helper programs to pass information outside of the Tor channels, potentially exposing your real IP address. I just don't know. In my own testing just now, i can confirm that adding to Tor's Preferences => Advanced => Network Settings does indeed allow the 1Password extension to work...but at what cost to the anonymity afforded by Tor, I have no idea.

This here is why I love 1Password, they're actively understanding their customer's desire for the security of Tor over their own needs. It would be trivial for them to simply add (either in the extension, or by documentation) without caring about the implications or impact on the user.

As an alternative, while it's clunky and annoying to use, you could consider using 1Password's "Autotype", which allows the 1Password client to "type" username and password data into the browser (or other application) without using the clipboard or any extension.

Dave Warren

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