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Re: [tor-talk] Privacy Badger

Mike Perry:


> I'm now actually curious if these types of filter addons aren't already
> being exploited for these and related weaknesses/shortcomings.
> If any academics are interested in a good publication (Gunes Acar - are
> you listening? :), it would be *very* interesting to run a crawl to see
> if any websites have begun to behave adversarially against addons like
> Adblock, Privacy Badger, Ghostery, etc. After all, it is easy for sites
> to determine if an adblocker has blocked an ad load, and then proceed to
> load an ad from an alternate URL, domain name, or even another ad
> network that may not be covered by the default filters.

https://nta.mpi-sws.org/test2/test.html has a demo to use the AliasMatch
directive to force ad blockers to block whole domains which could be
problematic (In: Akkus/Weaver: The Case for a General and
Interaction-based Third-party Cookie Policy. W2SP 2015). Might be
interesting to see how susceptible current ad blockers are to this
simple trick.



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