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[tor-talk] Statistics from TDP

Part of the Tor BSD Diversity Project's role has been to highlight the
lack of operating system diversity in the Tor network in order to begin
rectifying it.

There are plenty of resources to show Tor network statistics, from the
(deprecated?) torstatus sites such as https://torstatus.bluemagie.de/
and https://atlas.torproject.org/ based on JSON-data. We developed a
shell-based (easily) portable solution for creating and generating Tor
reports based on the JSON data:


This replaces our old (and ugly) "Quick & Dirty Stats."

Current report outputs are listed here:


... but the code can be cloned and tinkered with by anyone for whatever

(https://github.com/torbsd/tdp-onion-stats/blob/master/README.md) should
enough of a guide for many people.



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