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Re: [tor-talk] torproject package repository


> For future reference, Mint is based on Ubuntu. Find out the
> corresponding version that Mint is basing on, and use the Tor Project's
> Deb repository for that (this is almost certainly how it has been
> configured). I don't know what Mint's policy is but I'd be very
> surprised if this was default. Maybe you added it and forgot about it at
> an earlier date. I suppose it's possible they have it listed under
> additional repositories for the sake of convenience for Mint's users.
> A word of warning I'd urge you to take heed of: Mint have had some
> severe security issues in the past, both in updating packages (by
> default they hold essential security updates such as to the kernel back
> for "stability") and issues on their server. In a nutshell, they have
> been running a large software project like amateurs and their servers
> were accordingly rooted.
> They had their servers compromised twice within the last two years, by
> means of outdated and ill-configured Wordpress plugins. Their forum
> contents, including user details and passwords, were compromised and put
> up for sale for a paltry sum on some dodgy website (if I remember the
> reporting at the time, this happened more than once); and downloads were
> replaced with malicious ISO images that included spyware.
> There is no evidence they changed their security practices, so it's
> reasonable to suggest that their servers are still compromised, or that
> it is so trivial to do so that it will happen again. I would recommend
> installing Debian or Ubuntu directly, as both these distributions have
> good security practices.
>> But the only package that shows up in Mint's software manager is
>> "torbrowser-launcher", maintained by Ubuntu Developers
>> <ubuntu-devel-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.
>> I was curious if anyone used this torbrowser-launcher, or if
>> Torproject devs would highly frown on it?
>> Its description:  "helps download & install torbrowser." Doesn't
>> mention anything about it verifying TBB signature, which I always do.

> Best,
> Duncan




Duncan, I think you're trashing a distro based on what happened in 17.3
from overseas. the smart thing is to checksum the download. There are a
few articles above that talk about this. and there are two sets that
verify the downloads now. So, in fairness, I believe Mint isn't any
different than Ubuntu or Debian. Don't forget Debian was vulned a while
back too. All of these come from the same place and some of these repos
are interchangeable. I think your subjective ideas are simply out of
date and wrong now. (P.S., there are more links to prove what I am
saying here)
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