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Re: [tor-talk] is Torbrowser more affected by webservers failing to send their complete certificate chain?


On 8/7/2018 3:50 PM, Nathaniel Suchy wrote:
Could you list some example websites that have this problem?
On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 8:08 AM nusenu <nusenu-lists@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I assume that Torbrowser users are more affected by webservers
that do not send their complete certificate chain (incl. interm. CAs)
due to the fact that torbrowser stores/caches less data (including certs?)

an example of a page that results in an TLS error page in Torbrowser due
to incomplete cert. chain:


With the growing number of sites deploying HSTS, the impact is even bigger.

Should Torbrowser ship a few common interm. CAs by default? (like the
letsencrypt issuing CAs)


The first URL in the OP question fills the bill.

John Doe
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