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[tor-talk] Privacy, Censorship, Freedom

Lot of talk on tor tech itself, but little on tech as
enabling a range of potential futures for history that
encrypted censorship resistant overlay communication,
social and transaction networks as a whole can
help liberate in conversation... without those
spanning from Zimmerman to overlays to now Satoshi,
all sorts of discussion on new models, regardless
of what any may favor or take up among them
or may create of their own, these free exchanges
around the world would not be happening in real time
today without such tools serving both sci-fi like inspiration,
as iterative building blocks, and now in use in the world.
That such new crypto things and convo are now in politics,
that one can even find any uncurated uncensored convo,
or create or take part in any, globally, in a few keystrokes,
is testament to the good of such agnostic tools re the subject.


Those interested in tor as applied technology
should definitely take time not only with tor itself,
but to survey and try all the new overlay tech, many now exist...
from transports, to distributed storage, messaging,
cryptocurrency, text, audio, video, and social comms platforms...
but perhaps even more importantly, the range of
new conversations occuring over them, and what
convo and tools you might add out there in the new
decentralized world.

World is changing fast, have fun :)
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