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Tragedy of the Commons - was Re: (FWD) Re: BitTorrent - can it be blocked?

Hi Roger,
Welcome to the "Tragedy of the Commons", the issue that mojo-nation was designed to solve
although it has other issues and is not designed for the same target that tor is trying to hit.
blocking BT from the tor network , or better yet traffic shaping (possibly via trickle-like mechanisms),
could provide temporary mitagation ,especially if per protocol accounting could be introduced on the exit nodes to throttle same,
as a user who was thinking about running several tor routers in the very near future, I am quite concerned about DMCA takedown notices especially on any US domestic TOR nodes.
I however was thinking about routing BT Traffic via TOR myself and have noticed that BT(at least the clients I have played with suffer from the bandwidth hog syndrome).
Additionally running an Active BT client on the same host a TOR client or router is running on executes a DOS on the tor usage.
I dont see BT over TOR as an issue if traffic shaping is imposed, and it could have to be dynamic-modifically to account for the usage of non-standard ports, or ANY port which starts sucking bandwidth.

a tor user

.Roger Dingledine wrote:

[Forwarding because Mr. Remailer is not subscribed to the list. -RD]

Paul, can you think about changing your Tor howto so it emphasizes
that we don't want this much bittorrent traffic going over Tor right
now? Anonymous trackers seem fine in terms of load, but arbitrary numbers
of people free-loading off our bandwidth isn't something we're a big
enough network to handle yet.


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Subject: Re: BitTorrent - can it be blocked?
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Paul Gardner wrote:

PS. blocking BT isn't that easy as the standard ports are being used less
and less (particularly the data ones as some ISPs are apparently throttling
the 6881->6889 range)

Too bad. Right now the BT folks are a major resource hog. They (ab)use Tor to route amounts of traffic that it can't handle. Tor is about anonymous communication, not about anonymous file sharing. I for one would love to be able to not carry their traffic. I don't run Tor for them, they just cost me lots of money - more than all the rest together so far I bet. If only they just went away.

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