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Re: Running in middleman mode

On Sat, Dec 11, 2004 at 10:39:31PM -0500, Vicious wrote:
> How would one operate as a middleman node?  I want to contribute my
> bandwidth, however I don't want to be an exit node, does a middleman
> node help much?

Yes, more middleman nodes is really useful too, because it spreads out
the load of the network more, and because it provides more *entry*
points into the network. (One of the best ways to beat Tor is to be
watching both the entry node and the exit node that a user picks. More
nodes means more places people have to watch.)

> So is reject *:* the only that requires for middleman?


> Do I even have
> to set my incoming iptables rules to allow tcp ports 9030 and 9001?

Yes, if you have a firewall, you need to set it to enable incoming
connections on those ports. You also need to allow outgoing connections
to the directory servers and to the other ORs (typically these run on
ports 80, 443, and 9001-9033).

I've just updated http://tor.freehaven.net/cvs/tor/doc/tor-doc.html#server
so it has more useful details.

Let me know if you still have any questions.