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Re: Tor status

check your torrc for lines like the following:

### Send all messages of level 'notice' or higher to /var/log/tor/log
Log notice file /var/log/tor/log
### Send all messages of level 'warn' or higher to /var/log/tor/warnings
Log warn file /var/log/tor/warnings.log
### Send all debug and info messages to /var/log/tor/debug
#Log debug-warn file /var/log/tor/debug.log
### Send all debug messages ONLY to /var/log/tor/debug
#Log debug-debug file /var/log/tor/debug.log
### To use the system log instead of Tor's logfile

The logfiles will give you information about the status of your tor installation. if you want to keep an eye on things as you use tor you could execute:

tail -f /var/path/to/tor/logfile

in a window and the tor logs will scroll by as they are presented.

If this is confusing send the relevant logfile entries from your torrc and I can tell you where to look for the status messages...

Is something not working or are you just curious to see what is going on under the hood?

On Dec 17, 2004, at 9:21 AM, SK wrote:

I am running it on an AMD64, FC3 machine. I compiled it from source.
Tor executable is installed in the default "/usr/local/bin/tor", while
the torrc is at /usr/local/etc/tor/


On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 08:01:27 -0500, Douglas F. Calvert <dfc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What platform do you run tor on? And did you use a precompiled package
or did you compile from source? One easy way to check and see if tor is
running is to

telnet localhost socksport

where socksport is the port you configured in your tor config file. It
is most likely 9050 unless you changed something.

You could also check your logs but the location is going to depend on
how you installed tor. so i can not help much there...

On Dec 17, 2004, at 5:46 AM, SK wrote:

Once I run tor with "runasdaemon 1", is there any way I can check at
the daemon status/stats?


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