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Tor a Virus?

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Here's an issue...

I have AVG Anti-Virus System running on my machine and it just recently
did a scheduled scan of my hard drive.  It is telling me today that
tor-009pre4.exe is a virus of the name "Trojan horse Proxy.12.AL.  I
have had this version of tor on my machine for some time and AVG scans
my machine daily.

I'm going to make some assumptions on what could be happening:

1.  A recent virus definition updated caused the recent flagging of Tor.

2.  Tor isn't really a virus, but just doing it's job... or always was a
virus... or just acts like one... I dunno, I'm not that smart.

3.  Tor recently got hacked and the whole network is at risk.

4.  I'm just crazy.

The machine I'm having a problem on is a Windows XP Pro Version 2002
Service Pack 2 Box.  I'm running AVG 6.0.818 with Virus Database 556.
This is an issue of concern for me as I run tor on several different
machines, one specifically being a full time Onion Router.  Can someone
help me out?


Eugene Armstead

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liberties into which the law, generally speaking, must not intrude."

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