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Re: Tor running on mipsel

On Thu, Dec 23, 2004 at 11:09:34PM +0100, Ferdinand O. Tempel wrote:
> I do see the following error in syslog though:
> Dec 23 22:34:50  Tor: connection_dir_client_reached_eof():
> Received http status code 503 from dirserver. Failing.
> Is that important?

There was a problem with the authdirservers earlier; but as Roger has
mentioned elsewhere, we managed to fix it for the moment. :)

> > > It was a bit of a chore given the pretty, uhm, broken build process
> > > which doesn't really support crosscompiling, but I managed it anyway.
> > > Next up is privoxy.
> > 
> > If you have any suggestions to make our build process more pleasant
> > for cross-compiling, we're very happy to take patches.
> I'm no autotools expert, so I'll be glad to stay out of that :-)
> I can however give you a hint on what I had to change:

Thanks for these points; they were very helpful.  I'm adding them to
our TODO file.  We should get them done some time in the Tor 0.1.0
series, if not sooner.

Nick Mathewson

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