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hidden services...

Hello to all!

I set up hidden services for testing on my tor server accessible at


(not what we would call a rich content for the time being ;-), and I have two questions:

1. I have a computer, say A, whose browser uses the proxy server (privoxy) which runs at computer B. B also runs TOR serving the hidden services mentioned above (http://ohdktyycimt33ntp.onion).

The question is: why is it that when I access http://ohdktyycimt33ntp.onion from A, I see at the apache log of B that localhost is accessing the hidden services:

localhost - - [29/Dec/2004:13:51:32 +0200] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 304 - "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv:1.6) Gecko/20040113"

Is this logical? Is it because it is actually the tor server (i.e. localhost) which accesses the content from apache and sends it to the rendez-vous point?

The second question has to do with the hostname of the hidden services server. When is it changed? I noticed when I had to restart the tor server that the hostname had changed...

Thank you all for your time!
Giorgos Pallas

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