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Re: Voting for nym

On 12/1/05, Jason Holt <jason@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rather than the elected Wikipedia officials deciding on proposals directly,
> the modus operandi seems to be to take a vote among the users.
> So if you want to support (or detract from) nym being adopted for Wikipedia,
> visit this page and edit the "Vote" section at the bottom with your vote:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Lunkwill/nym
> Discussion on the proposal can be found here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Lunkwill/nym
> If you can't edit pages because you use tor, you can email me and I'll post
> your comments or vote accordingly.
>                                         -J

I've added a few of the concerns that I already brought up on the
mailing list.  I'm more enthusiastic about
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Blocking_policy_proposal . 
That is a proposal to allow certain IPs to be blocked for users that
aren't logged in, but to allow edits by users that are logged in.  In
my mind it is long overdue, and nearly everyone who voted in the straw
poll agrees that it is a good idea.

Of course, maybe the two could be combined.  One of the major
questions with the blocking policy proposal is what hurdles (if any)
to use for new account creation.  It wouldn't be very effective to
allow logged in users to edit through blocked IP addresses if vandals
could just keep creating accounts.  Well, one answer would be to not
allow new account creation through anonymized IPs at all, but instead
use nym to create the new account.

Nym would simply be one method to get an account.  Other ways could
include providing and verifying your email address, getting sponsored
by another user, or simply using a non-anonymized IP address to create
the account.  Once you created the account (using nym or through
whatever means), then you would just log in to the site using your
Wikipedia account and wouldn't be blocked simply because you were
using a Tor IP address.