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Re: Multi-root DNS is real.

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Matthias Fischmann wrote:

  besides yet more beautiful unicode-related desaster, the article
  points out that there are by now different DNS roots in the internet,
  and which one you reach depends on your client IP address.

There may well be thousands of "roots" on the internet, but at least 
so far, there has been almost no buy-in from caching server 
operators willing to point at these "alternate roots".

I could configure my nameserver to serve '.' authoritatively with 
any data I want in a couple of minutes, but the signifigance of me 
doing so (other than to myself) would be zero.

Whether or not your resolver hits an 'alternate root' depends not on 
your IP address, but what nameserver your resolver is using. As of 
now I do not believe any regional ISPs have drank the alt-root 

In any case, the sky is not falling this week; and your dns query 
will almost certainly be answered by a nameserver delegated from the 
root zone served by root-servers.net, unless you have intentionally 
configured them not to.


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