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Re: Setting Up Server Help Please.

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 12:43:14PM -0500, eph man wrote:
> i'd like to help by running a server but for some reason something
> isn't taking properly.  i followed the instructions step by step a few
> times.  i load the directory manually and i don't seem to find my
> nickname.  i'm running a ubuntu breezy distro.  maybe this will help.
> i'm including both my torrc file, and the log file, any help would be
> really appreciated.

> Address ephman.no-ip.info
> ORPort 9001

% host ephman.no-ip.info
ephman.no-ip.info has address
% telnet 9001

> Dec 08 12:24:12.595 [notice] Now checking whether ORPort and DirPort
> are reachable... (this may take several minutes)

I've changed the "this may take several minutes" part of the log message
to "this may take up to 20 minutes -- look for log messages indicating
success". I've also updated the first paragraph of