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TorCP 0.0.4 is out

If anyone is using TorCP, version 0.0.4 is out now. It has primarily
aesthetic and usability fixes, as well as improvements to hopefully make
the config menus a little more sane.

New screenshots:


0.0.4 12-10-2005
  o Improved appearance of nearly every dialog.
  o Removed some configuration options that people probably shouldn't 
    muck with anyway.
  o Added the ability to enable and disable running a Tor server.
  o Corrected the Tor copyright info in the About dialog as per Roger's
  o Removed the "Service Install/Uninstall" tab. This was confusing too
    many people who didn't even need to be running Tor as a service
    but had the "hey, it's a button, I'll click it" mentality.
  o Automatically try to reconnect to Tor if the controller connection
    for some reason instead of just displaying the little red X and
    the user to deal.

Bug reports and suggestions: