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Re: Whitedust article

On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 08:05 -0500, Void Beast wrote:

> So are we doomed to the blacklist of the internet? Or are we on the
> bleeding edge of a new era of digital freedom? I can see this going both
> ways...
> Beast

if 'tor' is made to be respectable it shouldn't be blacklisted.
Anyone with ethereal can re-assemble packets so there goes the digital

There should be in place certain rules (what rules Im unsure of)
for instance on my box I allow 9001 for the Tor Server and 9030 for
the Directory service and Ive noted that any ip using ports
that aren't routed through the 'tor' application are auto-blacklisted
by me. I might be an open-proxy but I keep an eye on things so,
there should be a mechanism put in place for everyone that does
exactly what Ive described.

e,g: inbound tor or-port - destination app tor [allowed]
     inbound tor or-port - destination app null [denied]

doesn't matter what port the destination goes to as long as it's routed
through the 'tor' application.

How to implement this is beyond me atm with the exception of keeping a 
steady eye on your firewall.

Please inform me that I don't know what the hek I'm talking about and 
that I should just shutup...

my $0.04 (inflation)

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