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RE: Re[2]: mobile TorCP?

>It  is a great thought, but I'm not much of a programmer. Nor is there
>a  revenue  stream  in this, so I can't contribute such a thing or pay
>for someone else to write it. Or else I would.

Two things would have to be done for this to work. 

First, TorCP would need to read and save its settings to a text file instead of the registry. Alternatively, a batch file could be used to set the HKCU\TorCP\TorPath value to point to the Tor on the USB drive and then blow away TorCP's settings when you're done.

Second, TorCP would need a way for you to specify which torrc you wish to use, so Tor would load a torrc from the USB drive instead of %appdata%.

Neither of the above items would be too difficult, so maybe this can be done in the not-too-distant future. Certainly the second requirement seems like a rather reasonable feature.