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Re: Nodes frequently changing keys...

On Thu, Dec 07, 2006 at 01:46:39AM -0600, Mike Perry wrote:
> Several nodes seem to be rapidly rotating keys.. Over the past 24
> hours or so the following nodes have changed keys:

Actually, from the look of things, these are actually multiple nodes
with the same nickname.  This is completely kosher according to the
spec.  If you want to tell nodes apart, you're supposed to look at the
identity key, not just at the nickname.  Unless the "Named" flag is
set in the network status docs, the nickname is not a canonical

In some cases, this is probably intentional.  "Unnamed" is currently
the default nickname used when no nickname is set.
"ididedittheconfig" seems like an obvious riff on the line in the
default torrc.  "anonymous" seems like an obvious "I didn't want to
name this" name.  I'm not so sure abobut waldi, iddbadfpi2, and oinc.

> Unnamed - 11 changes, 7 keys
> ididedittheconfig - 6 changes, 3 keys
> waldi - 5 changes, 2 keys
> iddbadfpi2 - 3 changes, 2 keys
> oinc - 3 changes, 2 keys
> anonymous - 2 changes, 2 keys
> Is there any reason why these nodes are doing this? It's been going on
> for a while (month or more?), finally got around to recording it.

Nick Mathewson

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