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Windows-specific bug? cached-routers ignored on start-up

It seems the current Tor+Privoxy+Vidalia bundle (
running on Windows XP does not load server descriptors from
cached-routers on start-up.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
- Have a relatively fresh copy of cached-routers and cached-status/*
stored in the Tor data directory, obtained from another machine that
has been successfully running Tor.
- For the purpose of this experiment, we set "FetchServerDescriptors
0" and "FetchHidServDescriptors 0" in torrc, so that Tor has to depend
solely on the local cache for server descriptors.
- Start Tor.
- Tor reports, "I learned some more directory information, but not
enough to build a circuit." and stops there (since
FetchServerDescriptors was set to 0).
- Stop Tor.
- Rename cached-routers to cached-routers.new
- Start Tor again.
- Tor reports, "We now have enough directory information to build
circuits." and immediately starts building circuits.

It looks like Tor ignores cached-routers but reads cached-routers.new
if present. This occurs only in Windows. In Linux (also running Tor, both cached-routers and cached-routers.new are loaded
on start-up.

This would be nice to fix but not terribly urgent, since we can work
around it for now by renaming cached-routers to cached-routers.new
before starting Tor.

- John