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Problem downloading new Torpark

Hi, is there anyone having the same problem, or only for me? 
My setup is now a Torpark with disabled images, cookies and 
javascript. I somebody wanna test this, please do the same. 

To check the new Torpark (my is pretty old by now), I´m trying 
download it, but faile to success. At one time I get redirect to 
a chineese google page (probably because the exit node was from 
china) but usually the things going as follow clicking sequence: 


On the last page abowe, click on the link "Download here" that 
have the locatione of: 

Then you wait some seconds and again get the same page as the one 
you clicked from, whit the URL: 

Then click again and again and again and again and... so on, until 
you suddenly get another page that says: 

"You have tried to access this page too many times. Access disabled for 
10 minutes. If you have cookies disabled or blocked from this site, 
please enable it." 

And that´s it. 

Since enabled cookies don´t fit in a secure style of internet usage, 
I must suppose this text is somehow an error, or should you really 
have to lower the browser security to get a security program as 
Torpark? That sounds not quite compatible in my imagination. 

Any third party mirrors? Of course I´ll check the MD5 as on real site. 

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