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Re: how to prevent Tor from auto-buiding circle?

xiangw@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thx a lot for the information, we are just about to ignore the auto-
> builded circuits, as you have mentioned in the last letter. Besides, 
> the option "__LeaveStreamsUnattached" is no doubt a great help to us, 
> which we haven't figured out so far. But since this option is not 
> LISTED in any official documents, ie, "tor-reference.html", and can 
> only be found in a complementary note to the discription of 
> ATTACHSTREAM, I guess there must be some HIDDEN 
> configuration lists of tor. Could you please help us out about 
> this?
> Best Wishes!
> Erik

Since you're writing your Tor controller, Tor control protocol is surely
of great importance. See http://tor.eff.org/svn/trunk/doc/control-spec.txt