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Re: push cache for squid in tor

We're very interested in this.

On 12/4/06, otrcomm <otrcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

i have developed a push cache version of squid and wonder from folks here on
the list if it would have any benefit in the tor

the push cache system itself is interesting, i believe, in that you can have
a push cache server and push data to it from anyplace
in the world. you can actually push urls of how you want data accessed from
that server via http or https.  for example, you could
have a url serviced by a particular push cache server such as:
http://mrs.johnsons-class.second.grade . the url is not dependent on
dns since it is being serviced from the push cache squid server.

so, does anybody see any benefit to a push cache capability with tor?

the reason i developed the push cache system was to provide a capability for
schools in remote areas of the globe without dedicated
access to the internet to develop learning plans and have the data to
support those learning plans 'pushed' to the cache server.
then students would have access to the data/information through local
network browsers.  it was an idea to optimize use of the
internet as a learning tool.


murrah boswell