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Re: Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Season 6, Episode 10.

Jeff wrote:
On 10-Dec-06, at 2:08 PM, KT wrote:

Det. Wheeler : Let's start by tracing the server they used to upload the videos

Ira: I tried that but… It was routed through special proxies, er…Tor server.

Capt. Ross: In English Ira.

Ira: It's a way of posting anonymously online.

Capt. Ross: Why would a teenage vlogger hide her server?

I laugh when they just pinpoint the source of ANY internet transmission at the snap of their fingers in those shows. I always thought to myself "I'd like to see that work against Tor!" Heck, if I was a criminal... *shifty eyes*..... I'd at least use something to cover my tracks, they make it look like no one does. It's good to see fantasy catch up with reality once in awhile! =)

Me too - This night's numbers also just mentioned onion routing, and within the same five minutes, they managed to write a program to crack it, do so, and trace an IP to an address...Atleast the numbers were reasonable - the clearly fake IP addresses(645.872.123.632) always scare me.

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