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Re: Annoying "wikileaks" message

On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 08:39:06AM -0500, Dan Collins wrote:
> xiando wrote:
> >I get this every time I send something to or-talk now:
> >
> >"Topic: Moderating your message
> >From: SYMPA <sympa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >   
> >Your message for list wikileaks has been forwarded to editor(s)"
> >
> >I mailed nothing to list wikileaks. My involvement with "list wikileaks" 
> >is not indicated. I suspect or-talk is forwareded to a wikileaks list and 
> >that this list is moderated and sends this annoying message to or-talk 
> >posters.
> same here - bug?

Probably not a bug; probably, somebody has decided that they'd like
their "wikileaks" list to get mail from or-talk, but that they forgot
that doing so while configuring wikileaks to moderate would result in
annoying emails sent to everybody who mails or-talk.

Wikileaks people: you need to fix this asap, or to unsubscribe the
wikileaks mailing list from or-talk.

Nick Mathewson

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