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Re: Facing legal issues

Florian (and list) :

Here is what I used (Openoffice 1.0 SXW format) when replying to a FBI subponea here in the good 'ol USA. I sent this to them, and it was the last I ever heard of it (everything in here is 100% true .. they wouldn't have found it any other way had they shown up with an army of techs to scour the datacenter).

It details how I configured stuff to avoid logging anything that would compromise the anonymity of the TOR network, and it explains how TOR works.

The key to setting up TOR is to be able to (honestly) stand up in court and say "it doesn't exist" when they ask for logs, etc. and "it could have been anyone" when they ask who it was. I never had to go to court, but I've dealt with my fair share of $law_enforcement over it, as well as a number of pissed-off end-parties.

I still had to explain (over the phone) why someone would commit the unthinkable act of helping folks avoid surveillance by repressive governments .. an exercise that's left to the user.

My favorite line from that discussion .. "why would it matter if you're not doing anything wrong?". Your mileage may vary.

Names and details changed to $variables to protect the $people_involved.


Michael Holstein CISSP GCIA
Cleveland State University

Florian Lohoff wrote:

i won an appointment with the local police on monday because someone
abused the tor network for fraud on amazon. My node seems to have shown
up in the logs of amazon so i am the one beeing invited.

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