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Re: suggestion for 'is my installation of tor working?' page

On Tuesday 19 December 2006 21:22, Michael Holstein wrote:
> what about http://www.showmyip.com
> It will tell you if you're using a TOR node (and which one, as well as
> its exit policy)
> ~Mike.

It's almost as overwhelming as tns and torstat. I guess I'm thinking more 
along the lines of a landing page for tor users. Something that will ease the 
first-time user into anonymous browsing and perhaps give them some do's and 
don'ts before they get started, along with a basic health check on their 
browser settings.

Some more suggestions (taken from good stuff buried halfway down showmyip):

* Browser detected
* Detection of flash/javascript/cookies with health warnings if enabled.

My point is that it would be such an easy thing to do given that all of these 
sites have the infrastructure already in place. Just a question of 

> Robert Hogan wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > http://lefkada.eecs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/ipaddr.pl?tor=1
> > https://tns.nighteffect.com/
> > https://torstat.xenobite.eu/
> >
> > All of the above provide useful information for the first-time tor user.
> > But the last two are only really meaningful to initates (and probably
> > confusing to everyone else), while the first is reassuring but could
> > really offer a little more.
> >
> > What is needed (IMVHO) is a page that confirms you are using tor
> > successfully, but also introduces you to the other services that tor
> > offers and also some advice for the tor debutante. A sort of official or
> > unofficial 'welcome to the tor network' page. This could be linked to in
> > the FAQ/INSTALL and used by controllers/front-ends.
> >
> > Would the maintainers of any of the above be interested in providing such
> > a thing? Given that the heavy lifting has already been done on all of the
> > above, it would be very trivial to create. Would there be an appetite for
> > such a thing on the tor homepage itself?
> >
> > Suggestions for content:
> >
> > * A warm greeting!
> > * Top Five things all tor users should know
> > * Appeal for users to run servers and link to how-to
> > * An introduction to some hidden services
> >
> > Anyway, just a thought...
> >
> > Robert


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